Surgical vision correction options by Age

Birth to 18

Although in extreme cases surgical vision correction may be reasonable for patients less than 18 years of age it is not typical and usually not recommended. The eye should reach what ophthalmologists term “ocular maturity” before deciding on a surgical option for vision correction. Ocular maturity is the stage in eye development when eye has finished growing and prescriptions remain relatively stable. As children grow, the eye grows and changes making prescriptions change frequently. Most patients will reach ocular maturity by age 18 but there are still up to 10% of patients whose prescription may still fluctuate up until age 21. When considering surgical vision correction options at young ages, parents should seek consultation as early as 16 years and make sure prescriptions are stable for 12 to 24 months prior to any surgical intervention. Before age 18, glasses and contact lenses will be the best options for vision correction and your ophthalmologist or other eye care professional can perform regular checks to make sure your child’s prescription is up to date.

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