Allegretto Wave

The ALLEGRETTO WAVE excimer laser system represents a new generation of laser vision technology. It was conceived right from the start for custom treatments by incorporating wavefront principles into each procedure and adjusting the treatment to each patient’s unique corneal curvature.

The ALLEGRETTO WAVE is the fastest excimer laser available in the U.S. with the average nearsighted treatment taking approximately ten seconds or less. This rapid treatment has demonstrated to increase predictability and reduce the incidence of complications.
With safety, qualify of vision, and perfomance as its three key attibutes, the ALLEGRETTO WAVE means less anxiety, less time under the laser, and high quality vision that you can rely on.

Because the ALLEGRETTO WAVE is approved to treat wide ranges of error and thereby results in larger optical zones, patients are experiencing improvement in night glare and halo problems. This is largely due to the laser’s ultimate goal of maintaining the natural, corneal shape of the patient’s eye.

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