Surgical vision correction options by Age


While laser vision correction such as LASIK or PRK can still be options for vision correction in this age group, it is not uncommon for patients at these ages to begin to see signs of declining vision that can often be related to a clouding of the eye’s natural lens or cataract. As we get older, the eye undergoes aging changes, most of which are non-reversible , however, cataracts are one aging problem surgeons are able to correct with amazing results. Cataract surgery is truly one of the marvels of modern medicine and now armed with the technologic advancements in refractive cataract surgery your surgeon can remove the cataract as well as minimize your dependency on glasses for most or all activities. Advanced Eye Institute offers a wide array of vision correction options that can minimize your need for glasses correction and improve the overall quality of your vision. Schedule an appointment to learn what your vision correction options are.

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